E-magy is a designer and manufacturer of “nano-sponge” silicon material for advanced lithium-ion batteries. With the material, Li-ion batteries enjoy a 40% capacity increase. E-magy works with partners throughout the global automotive supply chain. The company is located in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands.

The people behind E-magy have applied their 20+ years of silicon crystallisation experience to solve the challenge of silicon in Li-ion batteries. The team is driven to utilize the most advanced silicon know-how to bring sustainable solutions to the battery industry.

Originally providing low cost solar silicon solutions, focus is not only on technology but also on manufacturing cost and enabling large scale market application.

Our culture

We are dedicated to make meaningful impact with a highly-focused team of experts, that is well embedded in energizing partnerships with others. Open communication, a passion for innovation and pride in what we are doing, are pushing us forward.

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Leadership team

Casper Peeters

Technology entrepreneur and investor. Formerly CEO and founder of motion tracking company. Strategy, finance, international business.

Axel Schönecker (PhD)

Co-founder of innovative, clean energy start-up companies, entrepreneur and scientist. Silicon materials in Li-ion batteries, thermoelectric energy harvesting and solar photovoltaics.

Bert Kraaijveld

Builder of manufacturing facilities in Europe and China. Electronics, display systems, solar and energy. Six Sigma black belt. International project management, operations, process development, industrialization.