Nano-porous silicon

E-magy’s “nano-sponge” silicon caters for high-energy anodes. The uniquely structured material benefits from the excellent material properties of silicon, while coping with the challenges associated with it.

Silicon has long been recognized as a promising active anode material, due to its much higher specific capacity than that of graphite. So far though, the transition to silicon has been prevented because unstructured silicon swells and breaks when being charged.

E-magy has invented a low-cost process to manufacture structured silicon particles with nano-scale pores that do not swell and break. As a result, batteries enjoy 40% higher energy density (in Wh/kg) and up to 5x faster charging without impact on battery lifetime.

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E-magy uses its material know-how in combination with an unique and patented process to manufacture nano-structured silicon specifically designed for battery applications. Due to the characteristics of this unique production process, E-magy’s nano structured material can be produced extremely cost efficient and with well controlled quality specification.

Proprietary manufacturing process

Over the last decade a wide family of patents has been established for the manufacturing of special silicon material. In addition the E-magy team has developed know-how and a wide range of expertise, from material science to industrial scaling.

The production facility of E-magy is located near to Amsterdam in a location of 1200m². The facility is at an industrial scale and has the capability to run 24/7. The nominal capacity of the pilot production facility is 100 ton/year.