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Our nano-porous silicon anode material brings winning battery performance to battery manufacturers worldwide. It overcomes the challenges of applying silicon in lithium-ion battery anodes. This is a big step towards helping everyone enjoy clean, electrically-powered mobility.



Our specialty silicon ensures higher energy density and faster charging; it solves the swelling problem, making silicon-dominant anodes (>80% silicon) a reality.


This is the low-cost solution compatible with existing production lines that the EV industry needs – as currently verified by R&D managers of more than a dozen leading automotive and battery manufacturer brands.


Our nano-porous silicon is now in production for industrial application in our in-house facility, ready to scale up.

Advantages of our nano-porous silicon

Higher energy

E-magy creates a revolutionary silicon dominant anode material for lithium-ion batteries that delivers 40% higher energy density (in Wh/kg).

Negligible anode

Tests performed in cooperation with renowned German institute ZSW have shown a negligible pouch cell thickness variation of <5% after 100 cycles, with an 80% weight silicon anode.

Low carbon

We use low-cost upgraded metallurgical grade silicon that is abundantly available and environmentally benign. Our efficient casting process ensures a low carbon footprint.

Large gains for consumers

Inhouse- production
cost efficient and scalable

Our nano-porous silicon is produced in our own, fully operational production facility near Amsterdam. The machinery covers 1200 square meters and operates at an industrial scale, can run 24/7 and is capable of producing up to 25 tons a year.


We use an efficient silicon crystallization process with industry-standard post-processing steps.


Our nano-porous silicon is compatible with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes and installed factory equipment. This makes it a low risk and easy to adopt solution.


The facility is capable of manufacturing 25 tons of nano-porous silicon per year. We have designed the process to be easily scalable, with a capacity per line of 300 tons per year.

Mario Marinaro

Team Leader Batteries at ZSW

We have tested E-magy's silicon anodes and seen a negligible pouch cell thickness variation of <5% after 100 charging cycles, with an 80% wt silicon anode.
ZSW (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg) is one of the leading institutes for applied research in battery technology.

Prof. Marnix Wagemaker

Head of Battery Research Group at Delft University of Technology

The porous silicon structure E-magy has developed mitigates the volume changes and addresses one of the biggest challenges to reach a long cycle life.
The TU Delft Battery Research Group supports developing safe and high performance energy storage in batteries worldwide.

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