Empowering tomorrow’s batteries today

The world needs huge amounts of batteries with high capacity
E-magy provides the specialty silicon material to accomplish just that


Personal electronics

Grid storage

Need for batteries

Electrification of mobility plays a major role in the transition towards a clean and sustainable future. With electric vehicles we cut down emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Car buyers demand vehicles with long range and fast charging rate at reasonable costs. E-magy provides the advanced anode material for the automotive supply chain to make lithium-ion batteries that meet those demands.

Nano-porous silicon

E-magy’s “nano-sponge” silicon caters for high-energy anodes. The uniquely structured material benefits from the excellent material properties of silicon, while coping with the challenges associated with it.

With E-magy’s silicon material, batteries will be more performant and electric vehicles more efficient. We are set to power millions of electric vehicles.

E-magy, empowering tomorrow’s batteries today