We are E-magy
switching the battery industry on

We are driven, advanced materials specialists with over 20 years of silicon crystallisation experience. Since 2013, we have been developing nanostructured silicon for batteries in our cutting-edge production facility and battery lab near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our mission is on

Operating at the leading edge of silicon’s electrifying new age, we are on a mission to empower our clients with our unique silicon solutions and know-how, bringing them winning battery performance. Ultimately, our dream is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of clean, electrically powered mobility.

Surging ahead

We are as much into research as we are into practical application. This makes us a very effective company. In our production facility today, we use a proprietary process with standard industrial post-processing to manufacture nano-porous silicon. We are currently scaling up to realise our first commercial production line, for 300 tons (2.5 GWh battery storage capacity) per year.

Collaboration makes us stronger

Partnering with renowned organisations like the Advanced Battery Technologies team at ZSW, the Battery Research Group at Delft University of Technology, BEPA (Batteries European Partnership Association), TEESMAT (European Battery Material Platform), EBA 250 (European Battery Alliance) and the European Research Initiative Battery2030+, we are rapidly advancing, pushing battery innovation forward. Electron by electron, we are switching the EV industry on with our specialty silicon!

Our strengths

We solve challenges
as a team

We do more than work together; we also collaborate closely with our customers and business partners. We know from experience that facing challenges together is the shortest route to success.

We always
keep learning

We continue to build on over 20 years of silicon crystallisation experience, staying curious and looking for new and exciting possibilities to further improve our products.

We push the
industry forward

Operating at the forefront of the silicon anode industry, we see it as our duty to promote research and development in our field for a wider purpose.

We aim for
global impact

We are ready to scale up to meet global demand. Ultimately we want everyone to benefit from clean, electrically powered mobility.

Meet our management team

At the heart of our company you'll find our management team; materials scientists and future visionaries who have been working with specialty silicon for multiple high-tech applications since 2000. But they are also surfers, adventurers, parents and world travellers… Their combined inspiration, experience and mastery of silicon has brought E-magy to where we stand today; ready to take the world on with silicon!
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Are you interested in what we do? Want to be a part of a dynamic international team of scientists, specialists and engineers who are actively involved in helping to make the world a better place by mastering silicon for a cleaner automotive industry? Then don't hesitate to reach out. We're always interested in meeting more bright minds to join us.
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